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At AG Consulting Services, we recognize the virtue of our purpose to match great talent with great opportunity. And we are committed to helping organizations acquire talent in an evolving recruitment landscape, where the skills, acquisition strategies, and the nature of how work gets done continue to change.

The ability to attract and retain great talent is critical for achieving business goals. That's why today's smartest companies are applying proven resources and best practices to ensure they secure the talent they need, quickly and cost-effectively. AG Consulting Services and its staffing and recruiting companies can provide the best-in-class staffing and recruiting support you need to find the people who will drive your organization's growth and success.


Our Staffing Services

Permanent Staffing
Permanency and commitment are attributes that not only people, but companies seek too. AG specialises in professional recruitment services helping clients hire right talent. The dynamics of permanent recruitments are quite unique, and the role of AG Staffing comes in right at the beginning.
Changing business dynamics demonstrate that the requirement for resources in organization is often project-based and temporary. In staffing engagement, AG's key strength lies in identifying and deploying flexible resources who can support client during their expansion and growth phase.
Contract 2 Hire Staffing
Staffing consultants must have good interpersonal skills since they have to work well both with the human resources department and with the potential talent, according to AG. They must be thoroughly aware of business operations in order to understand what employers will need.